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Two Incomes Are Better Than One

The other morning, I waited on my doorstep for the Uber Car to arrive. Suddenly, a Prius pulled up with a big Bento Food advertisement on the passanger door. I just assumed it was some freelance food delivery guy, but when he rolled down the window and said ‘U Scott?,’ I knew it was my Uber man. I am slowly seeing Uber and Lyft cars with advertising for other companies on their car doors. This is a smart on-demand move by these 1099ers; the only draw back is that it confuses the passenger. Bento is paying paying these drivers $200+ a month to have their big fat sticker on their car. The driver is armed with little post cards with $8 off coupon numbers that they distribute to the customer. The driver receives $1 for every transaction. I expect to see more of these drivers test out the waters in other On-Demand businesses. And of course, they can find all the domestic ones listed her at the On-Demand Society website.

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New Job Trend: Green Careers

Green technology is one of the fastest developing fields in today’s economy. It’s predicted that thousands of new green jobs will be created in the next decade. How can you prepare for this major trend? Learn more about green careers now.

We're All Temp Workers Now
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We’re All Temp Workers Now

Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn and co-author of The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age (Harvard Business Review Press, 2014) and his co-author Ben Casnocha make their case, first presented in the Harvard Business Review article “Tours of Duty,” that employers shouldn’t pretend and employees shouldn’t expect lifetime employment or career growth from within.