Current work includes

B2B Marketing

Recently, we have focused on helping companies set up their end-to-end lead nurturing processes, which includes defining personas, developing out the customer journey, mapping content, channels and campaigns (3Cs), designing a lead scoring model and then setting up everything in Marketo or Hubspot and Salesforce.

Specifics below:

  • Conduct an audit and make recommendations for streamlining operations (clean up data too)
  • Define approach and implement about Marketing and Sales stack
  • Review scoring criteria, set up funnel benchmarks and track success (and improve SQLs, etc.)
  • Identify alignment about the sales funnel — there’s no separate sales vs. marketing funnel and to address following:
    • Lack of MQLs –most startups don’t think about quantifying or scoring
    • High number of unqualified SQLs (poorly or incorrectly qualified leads)
    • High churn rate – not getting the best customers
  • Integrate in-product behavior into trigger campaigns
  • Map customer journeys into Marketo programs – and incorporate personas, channels, content and lead strategy
  • Redesign analytics approach – define metrics, develop reports and create marketing and sales dashboards
  • Improving on-boarding, first moments with product and beyond – leveraging marketing / sales platforms