Self-Employed Apps Wilder Depends On

Consider this document in beta — and I will add to it over time. There are many sites that list a laundry list of Apps Freelancers and the Self-Employed should use. I have tried to focus on the handful I use on a weekly basis and let you know how I use them.

Getting Organized

  •  The free Evernote app is a powerful note-taking app that you can use to compose documents and detailed lists. Within each document, you can record and attach audio clips, or you can attach digital images. (Free version exists)
  • Since I have multiple clients, I need to track my work (and time) for each client: Try Toggle (Free version exists)


  • I manage my whole life around Google Docs and Google Drive. And many of my clients use it too. I also have a different Google account for each client because I tend to forward and share info related to the clients business to these accounts. It’s great for sharing, collaborating and storing documents. Many people like Dropbox too, but use it only to store and not the creation part of documentation.(Free version exists)
  • There are many conference call type of tools. One that I use, although it costs, is It impresses my clients when I can fire a call up quickly using my account .

Backing up

  • I have almost 10 external hard drives around the house. And I use them all, but just to keep me honest, I also use Backblaze. Without even thinking about it, all my computers, including my wife’s, are backed up to the cloud

Tracking Receipts, Expenses

  • Shoebox scans and organizes receipts, business cards, create expense reports, track milage and more. I stopped using it because I just take a picture and forward it to the Google Account I use for that client.
  • Deductr is a cool little tool which will help you stay on top of which expenses you can write off.

Work/Life Balance

  • Unfortunately, there is no app for this. Instead,  I make sure to spend quality time with my family every day. One way I ‘call myself out on this’ and check is to think of the day as three 8 hour segments. One segment is focused on work, one is dedicated to sleep and the last 8 hour segment is the wild card. Do you spend it with your family or your friends or work?

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