Accounting & Tax Resources

As an On-Demand Worker ( or -ger), you need to stay on top of your financials. There are many accounting, tax, and financial resources on the market.

According to, the majority of small business owners spend more than 41 hours on tax preparation each year. The breakdown of responses reveals that of the small business owners surveyed,

  • 40% spend 80+ hours/year
  • 18% spend 41-80 hours/year
  • 15% spend 21-40 hours/year
  • 28% Spend <21 hours/year

And 40% of small business owners say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business. Specifically:

  • 47% dislike the financial cost
  • 13% dislike administrative headaches and time
  • 13% dislike the complexity of compliance
  • 10% dislike changing regulations and confusion
  • 8% dislike all the paperwork
  • 8% dislike inequity of the tax code

If you can, I recommend you work with an accountant, bookkeeper or financial planner.

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