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Corporations Hiring More Contingent Talent

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Ardent Partners has released its State of Management 2015-2016 report. I got my copy at Guidant’s website. They’re a study sponsor (registration required).

The tagline of the study is “the future of work is here”.

By this they mean contingent talent – freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, temps etc. – is becoming a substantial source of corporate talent. They report that nearly 35% of today’s total workforce is comprised of non-employee workers.

They’re also projecting this share to increase. The report chart below illustrates the expected shift towards contingent workers over the next two years.

Ardent forecast

Supporting this forecast, 70% of corporate respondents to their survey say they expect their contingent workforce to grow over the next year.

Most of the rest of the report focuses on what corporations need to do to improve their contingent workforce management programs.

Ardent’s not the only one opining on this topic this week.

The Staffing Stream’s The Contingent Workforce Needs HR’s Attention points out:

Companies need to address contingent labor as an integral component of it total workforce. HR department needs to focus on issues related to contingent workforce management with the understanding that this is now a major part of the total workforce.

They list “enabling agility” as the main reason for the expanding use of contingent worker by corporations. Key quote:

Many corporations in the current economy and competitive environment understand the necessity of staying nimble. Consequently, companies are engaging more workers on a contingent basis which permits them to easily expand and contract their staffing. In order to be successful they need to have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Regular readers know we’ve long covered this shift. But the trend towards corporations using more contingent labor clearly continues to gain momentum.

This, of course, means more work for independent workers.

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