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Two Incomes Are Better Than One

The other morning, I waited on my doorstep for the Uber Car to arrive. Suddenly, a Prius pulled up with a big Bento Food advertisement on the passanger door. I just assumed it was some freelance food delivery guy, but when he rolled down the window and said ‘U Scott?,’ I knew it was my Uber man. I am slowly seeing Uber and Lyft cars with advertising for other companies on their car doors. This is a smart on-demand move by these 1099ers; the only draw back is that it confuses the passenger. Bento is paying paying these drivers $200+ a month to have their big fat sticker on their car. The driver is armed with little post cards with $8 off coupon numbers that they distribute to the customer. The driver receives $1 for every transaction. I expect to see more of these drivers test out the waters in other On-Demand businesses. And of course, they can find all the domestic ones listed her at the On-Demand Society website.

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