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Uber Security Alert


Another data and cyber security related issue for Uber. The company accidently leaked the personal data of hundreds of drivers. They shared social security information, vehicle numbers, pictures of drivers’ licenses and more. This was first reported on Reddit Tuesday night and word has spread quickly. Again, this reinforces the importance of taking control of your identity and reputation. Read more about this here.

Acceding to Motherboard, one driver said that he uncovered many confidential documents when he went into the Uber system. He found “a lot of taxi certification forms and livery drivers licenses” in addition to “W-9 forms with Social Security numbers for taxi cab companies.”

Uber came clean and admitted that they are at fault. According to an Uber spokesperson “Within 30 minutes our security team had fixed the issue.” Umber believes the leak only impacted 600 or so drivers. The leak was the result of a bug with the Uber Partner app, which focuses on giving drivers more information so they can be better Uber partners. Ironically, Uber just released a new version of their Uber Partner App. The company described the app as…

Through feedback sessions, research and testing, we collaborated with drivers to understand how our team of engineers, designers, and data scientists could build features that would best meet their needs. The result is an app that puts personalized insights at drivers’ fingertips.

This isn’t the first time Uber’s has run into security related issues.. Earlier this year, sensitive driver related information was accessible by outsiders. Shortly thereafter, the company tried to improve it’s public image when it comes to Security (and also get hold of these situations) by hiring it’s first Chief Security Officer, Joe Sullivan, who had held a similar job at Facebook.

Uber is quickly using its infrastructure to move into new services, such as food delivery with UberEats and package delivery with Uber Rush. Undoubtedly it will slowly add more services to its portfolio. So now is the time to improve its infrastructure, it’s business processes, privacy and security.




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