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How much do Uber drivers make

According to, very few Uber drivers make more than a $11 per trip and Glassdoor estimates driver earnings at around $15.00 per hour nationwide.  This is surprisingly low and explains why I have seen many gig drivers in SF with both Uber and Lyft applications in their car. In fact, they use two phones to seek out rides. It makes me also wonder if these drivers are even making money considering the cost of gas, car insurance, etc.











It seems that my home – town, the Big Apple (New York City) is the only place where drivers are making any money;  Uber drivers in New York earn approximately $20.54 per trip.  But this is the gross fare. They have to give Uber 20%.

If we take the Glassdoor estimate of $15 an hour, increased about $5/hr just to be conservative, this would be about $32,000 tax home pay at the end of the year (assuming the work full-time or 2,000 hours a year). And this is the high end compared to other cities.












I wonder how these drivers are going to make it.


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