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On-Demand App Alert: WHA (standing for “Work Hard Anywhere”),

Freelancers and Giggers always need take a pit-stop to grab a cup of coffee or something and jump online, whether it is to finish a quick report, do some research, post a blog or prepare for their next meeting. Now there is ‘an app for that.’ And this could be my favorite app of the year. It is  WHA (standing for “Work Hard Anywhere”). It is an iPhone app that seems to have been created by two young entrepreneurs, who have figured out to properly leverage the power of crowd sourcing. Much in the same manner of what Waze did. The app leverages GPS to help giggers find local workspaces and rates them based on wifi speed (I love this part), noisiness, access to power outlets.

The aims to become the ultimate directory of workspaces and allow people to share what they working on –  which is perfect for Giggers. To date, it has over 4000 workplaces in 650 cities in 70 countries. (And the number quickly is increasing!). I have taken it for a test drive in 3 different neighborhoods in this country and I have yet to be disappointed!

One drawback: It seems to be only for iOS, but knowing these guys, I am sure there will be an Android version soon.

Overall, a great app with lots of potential.






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