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On-Demand Apps – The Opportunity

Your Smartphone is really your On-Demand Device! According to an organization called On-Demand Economy (no relation to this company, but maybe we should join forces), keeps its fingers on the pulse of this new world. It’s recent 2015 Mobile Consumer Survey indicates that ‘things haven’t even started yet!.’ Mobile On-Demand Apps are only being used by 5% of the Smartphone population (that does sound low, though)

Highlights from the Survey (which you can find below) include:

  1. Mobile app developers are competing aggressively for installs, but the battle for users doesn’t stop
    there – only 1/4 of the apps installed on a smartphone are used each week (slide 8)
  2. Unpaid marketing channels are the most common means of discovery (slide 9)
  3. Smartphone owners are still hungry for great new apps (slide 10)
  4. Although not a primary means of discovery, mobile advertising is still an effective tool for promoting app awareness and installs (slide 11)
  5. Awareness levels of new on-demand services are still relatively low with the exception of Uber(slide 12)
  6. Penetration rates of different mobile commerce services differ by age, gender and location given the various value propositions and consumers needs (slide 13 & 14)
  7. We are in the midst of the next evolution in digital commerce: web -> mobile web -> apps (slide 15)
  8. iOS users demonstrate higher purchasing activity than Android users (slide 16
  9. Every consumer vertical needs to have a mobile strategy (slide 17)
  10. Offering a promotion / credit is an attractive value proposition to get a user to make their first purchase through a mobile app (slide 18)
  11. Appealing to the optimal mobile consumers is challenging as promotions / credits may get a first purchase, but do not necessarily change long term purchasing behavior or customer loyalty (slide 19)
  12. On-demand services are just beginning to hit their stride, and the market opportunity is massive (slide 20)

The best slide is the one that shows usage of On-Demand Apps is still low (with the exception of Uber.)
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.22.18 PM
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