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Dreamforce Whisper about Uber

At Dreamforce, I Listened to Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick this am.  Here are some things I heard:

  • He talked about the importance of reliability and good operations, which requires smooth onboarding for drivers (which he referred to Partners) so that the rides are efficient and people get to their destination in time. He shared how his operations team uses ratings to ensure reliability.
  • He looks at demand and supply by neighborhood and make sure drivers are alerted when there is more demand and supply which is done via a heat map. This is real time ‘push’ for drivers.
  • He takes a market place / stock market approach where they can figure out the right price based on the demand, the location, etc. Trying to determine how to get the driver to the demand before it happens. 15 minutes wait impacts both sides
  • Uber can be a better way to manage your business than a taxi because of the flexibility. And less expensive cause taxi drivers don’t have to rent a car or pay for a medallion. Note: Less than 50% of drivers are doing less than 10 hours a driving a week, so they are filling in the gaps. Flexibilty again for the driver to spend time with his family.
  • Uber likes to say ‘taxi drivers are people but they are treated badly.’ So Uber likes to step in an treat the drivers well. Uber focuses on drivers being successful.

Just a few whispers from Dreamforce

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