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Freelancers: Who has your back (background checks)?

Who is checking you out? Who is conducting background checks on the Independent Contractors? Some On-Demand companies are just signing up drivers and delivery guys without thorough background checks. And others are outsourcing this process to companies such as Onfido, Opus, GoodHire, and Checkr,

These background checkers are online (no paper) and claim to be safe. With the number of workers doubling in the next five years to 7.6 MM workers, one wonders how these companies will keep up. (Sounds like a business opportunity for someone).

With delivery people knocking on the front door and strangers getting into Lyft cars, there needs to be more efficient ways to conduct these background checks, but also to watch what happens when these transactions take place. Maybe we need a big brother approach and require a video cameras, just like your local police force uses. That’s probably extreme, but we need to figure out how we help people feel safe when they use these services.

Since independent workers tend to have multiple gigs, we need a way for the independent contractors to fill out his / her own information online and then receive information about why they might be rejected. It should be similar to an individual looking up their credit score and understanding why their score might be low.

Of course, this put the onus the free agent worker. It doesn’t, however, let on-demand off the hook. For example, San Francisco District Attorney discovered that Uber hired 20 drivers with criminal records. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to do a quick once over.

While there are a few small companies spring up and offer to help with background checks and bigger ubers promise to be thorough in researching its prospective employees, there still seems to be a big gap here.


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