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The other important 1099er

This past week, there was an important article in the New York Times about how Amazon Orwellian behavior. It is the first time, the world’s leading retailer has been accused of mistreating its employees. The article touched on its white collar’s lack of work life balance and intense work environment. The experts, who have expressed themselves in numerous follow up articles have pointed out that middle and upper management usually has a choice because they are usually so talented (or they already have Amazon on their resume) they can walk away and find another job. The blue collar worker can’t. And in some parts of the country where there are not many job opportunities, neither can the 1099 or indepenent contractor. A few years back, there was another article about Amazon exploiting these workers to the point where they had to keep ambulances outside the warehouse for when the workers dropped to the ground due to heat exhaustion, being overworked etc. (Having an ambulance on site should only happen at Sport events, eh?).

Some people have responded and defended Bezos management. Few have addressed the issue of the warehouse worker or the 1099, who lacks many rights.  (Yes, there have been articles about them, but they are not being seen in the same light as some other 1099s, namely Ubers drivers). The question becomes then, how can we help this group. We have to rally around the warehouse workers who are still extremely important to the ecommerce world (pick and pack fulfillment is still needed) and our economy

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