Freelancers, On Your Own

Setting up the home office

As a free lancer / free agent, you will want to be able to work at home. You can’t always count on your temporary boss inviting you to your office or on working at Starbucks. Imagine if you have to make several phone calls. What are you going to do? Fight the background noises by hitting mute every few seconds. And even if you are an Uber Driver or a Task Rabbiter, having your own office provides many benefits because it enables you:

  • To have a tax write off so make sure to provide your accountant or bookkeeper with the square footage of your office. They will multiple it by $5 to calculate your deduction, which can be up to $1500Note: There must be a clear line in the sand that separates your home area from your office area. To calculate your deduction add up all your office related expenses or simply multiple the square
  • To centralize your documents, supplies and computer equipment, although if you have a lap top I guess you can work anywhere
  • To have an extra external hard drive. Even if you back your docs in the Cloud, it is nice to have a small 10Gig drive that you can with you anywhere. I use two of them – leaving one in the bank for safe keeping, and swapping them out every two weeks.
  • To avoid family or friend distractions (but still be close to them)

What’s in my home office area?

  • Laptop that connects to a giant 27 inch monitor
  • External hard drive
  • A printer / scanner (Faxes are going by the way side)
  • A pad of post its
  • A tennis ball – you can develop tunnel syndrome if you are on your computer all day so it is not a bad idea to just squeeze a tennis ball for a few hours

One piece of advice:

  • Don’t stay seated for more than 2 hours at a time. Get up and walk around to keep the blood circulating. You will feel better.

Working at home can be a good thing – both financially and for your state of mind. And it is the wave of the future present.

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