How to On-Board Your New Temp Workers
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Onborading a 1099 Worker


Most companies don’t properly onboard temps. They see their relationship with these people as short dates vs. a solid relationship. They don’t spend the time to help the person to properly acclimate to their new company. Even if the person will probably be around on the payroll for a while.

I can’t overstate how important it is to invest the time in your temporary workers. If they feel as if they are part of the team, they will go the extra mile to get their work done on time. They will go the extra mile to do good work.

So how can you help your consultants and contractors hit the ground running:

  • Complete their paperwork as quickly as possible (They will be more engaged if they know there’s no questions open about what they will be paid and when they will be paid, etc.)
  • Share with them parts (if not all) on-boarding classes, processes, etc. that you provide your regular workers
  • Talk them through the org chart — identifying key stakeholders, showing them the chain of command (the social architecture of who reports to who) and set up meetings for them to meet others in the company.
  • Invite them to team meetings, activities and all-hands meetings (It amazes me how many companies don’t invite employees to their company meetings yet they basically give them access to a great deal of the company’s financial data
  • Make sure they have a company email account so they can access the appropriate systems and apps, and can properly represent the company when interacting with people outside the company.
  • Give them access to the tools regular employees use to manage projects, open support cases, analyize data, etc.
  • Assign a mentor or buddy to help them navigate the company’s political waters.
  • Be crystal clear on their role, their deliverables and your expectations.

Final note: Think of your contracters and consultants (almost a regular employee). Don’t view them just as a freelancer or a temporary person. Who knows? They might show you the Right Stuff — and be worthy of converting to a full-time employee.


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