Why freelancers need a code of ethics
Freelancers, Your rights: Presidential Election, Laws, etc.

Why freelancers need a code of ethics

Why freelancers need a code of ethicsIn a business world filled with ambiguity and contingent workers, freelancers are developing

The contingent workforce is growing rapidly, as companies supplement their full-time staff and keep costs in check by hiring temps, adjuncts, and consultants. A report by MBO Partners predicts a 35% spike in the independent workforce by 2018, while a study from Intuit concludes that in the United States, the share of contingent workers within the workforce will surpass 40% by 2020.


Independent contractors have begun to ask the Freelancers Union to develop a code that addresses how the business world ought to relate to them. “We will start the conversation” on topics around what it means to be a good freelancer and how payment should work, Horowitz says. The organization expects to develop a code to help

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