Welcome to the Partner Economy. We focus on designing, developing, implementing and managing B2B Marketing Groups. We leverage our proprietary PIE (Process, Integration and Ecosystems) Methodology to develop revenue generating (and positive ROI) programs.

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Scott connects the dots. It’s a basic game that we learn as children, drawing lines from one dot to another in order to form a picture of a seemingly random set of dots on a page. Business and teams try and do that day in and day out. Scott is a master of connecting the dots and all lines lead to the formation of a community. I enjoyed watching Scott create a community or a “Nation” of customers and continue to expand and nurture this ever growing group while working with different teams with our company to align goals and maximize objectives.

From Ken Law, Support Leader/Marketo

Scott is a dynamic and innovative digital leader. I worked with Scott @ Marketo where he was the senior leader on mapping out the design, go to market strategy and development of Marketo’s First Marketing Nation Community site. He created and designed inspiring and innovative digital and B2B Marketing programs that engaged with Marketo’s customers and further down the funnel prospects.

Matt Carlson VP of Web Strategy & Operations at Talend Inc.

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